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Wheelchair and Scooter Ramps

Ramp Selection Guidelines

1:12 Slope (4.8 degrees)

The ADA recommended slope for long (up to 30') home and commercial ramps.  Works for most strong unassisted manual chair users.

Ramp Slope  

2:12 Slope (9.5 degrees)

Acceptable grade for portable ramp use by occupied chairs and scooters with a qualified assistant.

Ramp Slope

3:12 Slope (14.5 degrees)

For loading unoccupied chairs and scooters.

Ramp Slope

To determine the length of ramp for your application, first you need to determine the rise. The rise is the vertical measurement between the ground and where the top of the ramp is going to sit.

We recommend a 2:12 slope on most applications, unless you need to meet ADA (1:12 slope) requirements that are specified by your state. For public access buildings, check into your state code. Our portable ramps are intended for rises under 24 inches. If your rise is over 24 inches please contact us about our modular ramp systems.

To find a 2:12 slope take total amount of rise and divide by 2. If you have a 12 inch rise divide by 2 and the resulting number would be the length of ramp which is required in feet or you would need a 6 foot ramp.

A 1:12 slope would require a ramp that is the same length as your rise. A 1:12 slope for a 12 inch rise would need a 12 foot ramp. One inch of rise means one foot of ramp.

NOTE: Consideration must be taken if the ground is not level and slopes away from the rise where the ramp will be placed.

Ramp Rise

Very Important Regarding Ramp Systems

Some States have recently changed the requirements regarding the width of modular ramps for commercial public access. Although the ADA recommends a 36 inch minimum width, some states have adopted other minimum widths. Please check with your local government to determine what the laws are for your area. This typically does not apply to private residences. Incline Chart

Everyone's situation is different and unique. This guide should be used only as a starting point. Shop for wheelchair, scooter ramps and threshold ramps online at westcoastmedicalsupply.com

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