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Medline Industries is the largest medical exam glove provider in the United States of America. Medline has achieved this market share status by providing high quality products and offering innovation to medical gloves like their Universal 3G vinyl exam gloves. Medline offers a wide range of exam gloves made from latex, vinyl (PVC), or nitrile material. Regardless of material desired, Medline offers multiple brands to suit every price level of healthcare facilities.

Medline's flagship exam glove line include the Aloetouch brand. Aloetouch exam gloves are green in color and have an inner coating of freeze-dried pure aloe vera. Aloe vera is known to be beneficial to the skin by providing moisturing benefits. When the medical gloves are worn, the warmth of the hands active the aloe vera which moisturizes the hands. Aloe gloves has been widely successful because it is not uncommon for nurses to develop dry, cracked skin on their hands over the years due to frequent handwashing and mmedical glove donning. Exam gloves with aloe vera has been clinically shown to improve the skin condition. Medline offers an aloe version of nitrile, vinyl, or latex exam gloves. Check out Medline's new black glove the "Venom".

In addition to exam gloves, Medline Industries is a manufacturer and distributor of various medical supplies to the healthcare industry.

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